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Understanding The World Through Travel

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Understanding the World Through Travel

Travelling… by far the most awesome thing there is to do in this world.

Whether you’re putting around the beach in a longboat, looking over a canyon strapped to a bungee cord, catching an unforgettable wave at your new favorite surf spot, or simply meeting new friends from around the world at a warm campfire. Travelling is an amazing experience. One that can teach us a lot about the world, about ourselves and about life.

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Jumping with friends on "The Beach" in Maya Bay - Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

For me, travelling has brought about new perspectives. A global mindset. A new way of seeing the old, and a new kinship with all the people of the earth.

Through my limited travels I’ve experienced the happiest times in my life, I’ve encountered the most interesting experiences and also suffered through times of the most sadness. Travelling for extended times puts life on overdrive, life becomes more of a roller coaster ride, and the ups and downs of life become more intense. Through all of this I’ve developed a deep interest in understanding the world. The many different ways of living in the world, the many different personalities and behaviours that arise, the different interactions we all have, the countless problems humanity faces the many possible solutions and more.

This site will combine my own personal travel experiences as I continue my journeys around the world as a traveler, with frequent articles about things I learn or think about along the way. For the newest content in any category click the blog link. From page to page I hope there will always be something interesting to read, and something new to think about. (Plus you can always just look at the sweet pictures!)

This website began from the perspective of personal development, but will now transition into a search for understandings of the many facets of life itself.

Besides being a record of my experiences that I can look back on one day, one of the main purposes of this website in the coming months will be to encourage the reader to question the world and to find out for themselves what this whole journey of life, is and should be about.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site for later and visit often~

-Devin Licastro

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