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Feb '09

Day 19 – You Know You’re In Thailand When…

During my trip I complied a little list called:

You know you’re in Thailand when…

-You take a swim in the ocean before breakfast
-You eat rice at LEAST once a day
-You ride in the back of an open pickup truck almost everywhere
-Your no longer scared you’re going to die when you ride in the pickup truck when it hits big bumps at 60 mph passing someone over the center line of a twisty 2 lanes road with traffic coming the other way
-Your speechless by the landscape at least once a day
-You love eating from the street food vendors
-You drink Chang or Singha beer
-You drink way way too much
-You’ve seen a lady boy show
-You’ve seen a ping pong show
-You’re not proud you saw either of those shows
– Pad Thai or Rice with chicken is the staple meal
– You ride in long tail boats all the time
– Everyone smiles at you
– You meet a lot of other travelers and are surprised to see a lot of them are Canadian
– You see the occasional Buddhist monk
– Everywhere you go has a new cave to visit a new hike to take or a new viewpoint to see
– You’re thrilled when you find a flush toilet
– You’re shocked if you are supplied with toilet paper
– You’ve tried out the buday in the washrooms
– You’re suspicious of lady boys or prostitutes when you meet any new Thai women
– You’ve gone into town without footwear
– in fact you haven’t worn shoes in days
– you’ve seen at least one Job To Do concert and can sing their most popular song (do do do do da dum, chom sai ne com do chom tai!)
– You’ve heard the expression ‘same same’ ‘why not’ and ‘sexy pig’ a bunch of times
– You’ve been to a full moon party with 12,000 people
– You bargain when you buy anything
– You are occasionally woken by roosters
– You see random animals everywhere
– You know what a sarong is
– You’ve seen a lot of monkeys
– You swear one monkey tried to kill you ^^
– You are amazed by how skilled Thai people are at everything
– You sit on the beach with guitars and drums playing and people singing every day
– You laugh a lot for no reason!

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