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Mar '09

40 Things I did in Thailand

To end my Thailand blog I’ve created a fun little list of 40 things I did in Thailand. They are sorted from least to most crazy.

40: Road on Tuk Tuks through Bangkok
39: slept under the stars in my hammock on the beach
38: Stayed in floating bungalows
37: Tried out the Buode in the washrooms
36: Went 3 days without wearing shoes
35: Played 8 different types of drinking games
34: Ate an icecream sunday for dinner twice
33: Ate a samurai pork burger at McDonalds
32: Had a drunken bamboo sword fight
31: Got chased by crazed monkeys
30: Jumped off a cliff into a waterfall
29: Road on an elephant
28: Went snorkeling in shark infested water
27: Hiked through a bat cave
26: Went to a lady boy show
25: Ate a scorpion
24: Swam in the ocean at night with phosphorescence creatures
23: Saw a snake show with a king cobra
22: Drank for 25 days straight
21: Performed a backstreet boys solo for the group
20: Went Rock climbing
19: Went Scuba Diving
18: Took a Muay Thai class from a professional Thai fighter
17: Petted a few tigers
16: Climbed down 3 very dangerous vertical cliffs to a lagoon
15: Hiked up to the world’s largest flower
14: Went to 2 Job to do concerts
13: Made a human pyramid on ‘The Beach’ (from the movie)
12: Went zip lining through the jungle
11: Went to a ping pong show
10: Got my chest waxed for a scavenger hunt
9: Got hit in the face by a fire stick
8: Chugged 1/3 a bottle of Sangsom after 4 beers
7: Played a game of naked volleyball
6: Went to a 12,000 people full moon party and danced until the sun rose
5: Road on Thai rollercoasters with explosive diarrhea
4: Went bungee jumping
3: Did a 20 meter (65 foot) cliff jump into water
2: Got a bamboo tattoo
1: Fought in 2 professional Muay Thai fights in a single night

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Thailand blog. Stay tuned for future adventures, next is China!

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