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Aug '09

Touchdown in Hong Kong!

So there it was 4:45am on August 25th and my alarm went off, telling me it was time to wake up… to go to China… for a year!
A big “WTF am I doing?” went through my head and I thought about how crazy this whole tripped seemed for a minute but then I managed to shake it off and reminded myself it was going to be super awesome, and this trip was totally what I wanted!
After grabbing everything I needed (except my watch which I left next to my alarm haha) I made it down stairs and grabbed all my stuff and after some sad goodbyes to Mom we left for the airport.
Things went real smoothly there, didn’t have any problems with my guitar or my one way ticket said another goodbye to Dad and off I was to my stop over in Vancouver.
It was a pretty nice 5 hour flight (I love airplane rides) tried to sleep for a bit then watched the new Star Trek (awesome movie)

I can see my house from here!

I can see my house from here!

Anyway I had a 5 hour layover in Vancouver and thanks to Aunt Julie’s advice I took the sky train into town.
The skytrain is a new train built for the 2010 olympics its kind of like a subway except way newer and cooler, for half the trip into town it goes overtop of everything on high rails, then once it hits the city it goes underground like a subway, its a super smooth and pretty fast ride.

The train felt clean and efficent

The train felt clean and efficent

Here’s some shots I took from the window.
blogs1-3 021 vancover skytrain

Once in town I had a couple hours to check out a few sites around. Due to my atrocious sense of direction I decided not to stray too far from the station but it was cool to see the city.

vancouver vancouver Fountains

Clock tower vancouver building

blogs1-3 008

Nice lion statues over the stairs

Vancouver has some very cool art around. I love to see a city with a little style among the gray.

We could all use more art in our lives!
vancouver Owl vancouver art

deer headlights

how creative!

Yep there’s a deer way up on that streetlight.

Here was an area with the countdown to the olympics!
countdown vancover countdown

I decided to grab some lunch in the nearby mall… hmm what to eat for my last meal in Canada?


Oh how I'll miss burritos

Yep, went for the burrito taco combo, figured they would be pretty impossible to find in China, and they were mighty delicious! Anyway back to the airport!
I had a few minutes before my flight so I figured I’d get a drink.
In good canadian spirit I made sure the last thing I consumed while in Canada had to come from Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons

If you're not Canadian you might not understand

Well done Devin.
Listening to what I made my theme song for the day (The song gets awesome around 2:22) I took a few shots from the plane.

such beauty

such beauty

my favorite sight in the world

my favorite sight in the world

My favourite thing about flying is looking at the clouds from above, I think its amazing.

blogs1-3 026

Floating on a cloud

And when you think of all the thousands of years throughout history before people could fly in planes, it really makes you appreciate the incredible sight.

There was some cool mountainous terrain below along the way too.
Anyway after a 13 hour flight I had finally made it to China! know your in China when there's dragons on the airplanes ;) know your in China when there's dragons on the airplanes ;)

up next, my one night in HK~

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