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Aug '09

1 Night In Hong Kong

Ahhh and then there I was in Hong Kong.

It’s a really weird thing when you step off a plane, at least with me, I never feel like I really went anywhere. Its like you’re in Canada, you step into a box, watch a movie of clouds going by then you step out. The fact that you travelled literally half way around the world doesn’t seem real.

After wandering cluelessly around the airport for a bit I managed to find the right counter and took a sweet shuttle bus to my hotel. It was a pretty cool drive, Hong Kong is intense, the buildings are huge and there’s kajillions of them, its like they have a Toronto sized skyline of skyscrapers around every corner. There was also a lot of sweet mountainous areas closer to the airport.

I tried to get pictures but my cameras not too friendly when your in motion, they all came out super blurry.

Anyway I was told to find a hotel in Hong Kong for only $70 a night meant I was in trouble, I’d have to sleep with my clothes on, under the bed, fight off the cockroaches, barricade the door and I’d still probably get my organs stolen in the middle of the night. Luckily that wasn’t the case! My hotel was awesome!

They even have a coffee maker, and a sweet robe for you to wear.

In the washrooms they have complimentary toothbrushes, combs, cotton balls, and shower cap… (little weird I know) Oh and 2 free water bottles which came in really handy.

And even in china hotels come with a trusty copy of the holy bible… china edition of course.

With perfect timing my toenail finally decided to come off after a previous accident I had in Canada. Actually I had to bend it forward a bit then peel it off… it was gooey…. (queue cringes)

Curse you for hurting my toe June Yang!!! I shall have my revenge!!!

…Kidding luv you!

If there was someone going to steal my organs during the night, this is the door he’d come through… I put the table in front of it just incase.

After cleaning myself up (I smelt alarmingly bad after the flights) I decided to hit the streets to see what was around.

I had no idea Hong Kong was so bright and animated.

There was so much crazyness everywhere it was… crazy!

I wandered into this once place called Game Palace (I thought it might have been an arcade) but it was way more like a chucky cheese kind of place, everyone was going crazy trying to win tickets!

In the back was a huuuuge room with probably hundreds of people around 16-20 and there was a whole bunch of asian style photo booths. There photo booths each with a different theme like a certain cartoon and style and you go in and take pictures of yourself and friends and the pictures get decked out with a bunch of crazy graphics and effects. There was also huge circles of teenagers all going crazy on their cell phones, eveeeryone had a tricked out cell phone in Hong Kong, it all seemed extremely Japanese.

Hong Kong was intense to say the least!

I’ll have to go back when I have more than a couple hours to spare and see a lot more of it!

Next I go to mainland china!

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  • Steven

    stop in Mong Kok and get me some toys and airsoft guns