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Sep '09

Shopping In China

It’s time to shop!

I badly needed a laptop to get back in touch with the world~
The lead teacher dude Allen said he would take me to the best place for a laptop he wanted to buy a new psp also.

We hopped on a couple buses and after about 20 minutes we made it to the subway.

Good luck figuring out the bus schedule

Check out the massive KFC, its super popular in China.

The metro station was big!!

The subways rules are very clearly written….
#1: “No Hullabaloe allowed “

Oh China…

I was surprised that the subway ride there wasn’t too crowded, we even managed to sit down on one of them.

After a while we made it to the main shopping area we hit up about 4 massive stores with hundreds and hundreds of laptops each!
It was like being a kid in a candy factory… and there was so many it was hard to know where to start!

Each laptops price and specs are usually saved on the desktop background, pretty cool. But you also have to negotiate because this price is never the final one! Luckily Allen has been around and knows some good Chinese negotiation tactics.

I actually took a few hours to look through all the laptops and finally find the perfect one I wanted.

The flash makes it looks even sweeter.

I figured out later that I saved about $250 if I had of bought the same laptop from dell’s online store.

It only came with a Chinese version of windows xp, but we went around the corner and bought an English copy for him to install.

Yes you can get your very own copy of Windows XP for 10 Yuan! (about $1.80)
While waiting for windows to be installed on my new machine I sat with some locals and had my first real communication experience with them.

They were super awesome and friendly, and they knew almost no English. Between the 3 of them they would converse trying to find the right English words then they managed to put them together into sentences. Like where I was from, how old I was ect. They were always thrilled when I understood them and could answer back. It was very cool how the simplest conversation could be so fun and bring so much laughter to all of us.

They were very sweet people and at the end we took photos of each other and they told me I was their new friend and they would always remember me (awww how touching ^^)

It’s pretty cool that the locals get such a kick out of meeting foreigners since there’s so few of us.

Later near the PSP store I grabbed a shot of a Wii ultimate action sports kit, yes that’s right, 55 in 1!

They also closed down one of the PSP stores as the cops had rolled in and they didn’t have some sort of license they needed.

The market was like P-Mall on crack in the amount of illegal stuff around. Especially when it came to video games, if you bring them your DS or PSP memory card they will load on like 25 downloaded games for a few bucks.

I also needed a new watch, of course the store we went into had over 3 billion of them to choose from. They got quite mad at me when I took a picture of the store, oops!

Throughout the day I was kinda surprised that out of all the thousands of people I passed in the markets and the streets I only saw like 1 other white person, I guess I figured there would be a few more of us foreigners around.

Later we checked out the 2nd tallest building in China, we didn’t have time to go to the top of it but it’s pretty awesome. Hey look I’m actually in this picture! Now you know I’m not just making this all up 😛

We took a the subway halfway back, and this time I got the real chinese experience. There was literally a lady that goes up to the door and yells at you to motivate you to squeeze in, we were packed so tight we couldnt move!

Instead of waiting for a bus to make it home we decided to risk out lives on the back of a scooter!
There was 3 of us on this thing, and in China’s crazy traffic I feared for my life every second of the way!

Allen then had the best idea since arriving in China, he decided to treat me to a massage at the mall sweeeet!
It was perfect after a long day of crazy intense shopping. It was a very classy place.

They give you an epic 30 minute massage, then after that they lay you in that white machine which generates some intense heat for you to sweat all your worries away while they give you a head massage.

The massage completely kicked ass and even topped any massage I had in Thailand by far. Probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been in my life.

We took the scooter back and I wasn’t as terrified this time.

Next I have to go to the hospital for a complete physical and make sure I’m healthy!!

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    I need one of those massages!!!