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Sep '09

Chinese Health Check

Aaaah Finally caught up to present day.

Today we went for the health check!

It’s an important step in getting your work visa.

I got picked up at 8 am and then we picked up 4 other teachers, it was sweet to finally meet some of the other new teachers!

So the hospital was interesting… none of us were really sure what to expect.

We had to fill out some personal history forms and learned some weird Chinese rules like only black ink pens allowed no blue ones.

So it wasn’t as crazy as I feared and it was pretty sanitary but there were definitely some weird aspects. For example the lady who takes your blood doesn’t change her gloves often enough, she still had someone else’s blood on her hand. The eye test was a joke, the guy just said “Can you see this? Ahh good, 20/20 vision” they also had to ultrasound my liver to see if it was intact, and xray my bones to see if they were all present and accounted for. Overall I seemed to have passed all the health tests, but I also heard that if you have a pulse you’ll make it through no problem.

It’s occurred to me that I’m writing far too many blogs, its acting more like a daily update instead of a weekly one like I wanted, but it’s just cause everything is so new and interesting to me right now, when I finally do get settled into my teaching job things will be less frequent.

Anyway tomorrow I finally get to go to Shunde to see some apartments for the first time. I also heard from one of the long time teachers that Shunde has the very best authentic Chinese bars… sweet!

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  • Shane moynihan

    I really like your blogs I am from Ireland and have just started applying to schools to try get a teaching job in china is there a way I can get your email address to ask you a few questions? My address is