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Sep '09

Busy Preparation Days

It’s been a busy couple of days. With the new semester starting there’s a bunch to do. For the other new teachers and myself we had to make a demonstration lesson. It’s like a real class but only 20 minutes in length instead of 2 hours and we teach the TA’s and staff instead of students. We chose a topic and made some games and lessons to teach the class.

My topic/vocab was First, Second, Third, Forth, Fifth, Sixth.

After an active warmup, where I got everyone up and energized I had 6 volunteers come up to help me teach the 6 words. With a bit of dramatization I explained each word with reference to a race. With the help of flash cards, I had the “first” student act really fast then showed the first place flashcard and had the students practice saying the word repeatedly. I did the same with each runner getting slower and slower with the sixth place finisher barely crawling across the line.

After that we had some real races! I had the students run back and forth between the walls, when they finished the race they had to say “I finished in _____ place” It was pretty fun.

Next we played another game this time I explained First – Sixth using floors of a building. I split the class into two teams and put a picture of a tall building on the board. Each team had a little cut out man as well. The teams lined up and then played Rock – Paper – Scissors. If their team one the match they would move up two floors and if they lost they would move down 1. After each match they had to say which floor their team was on for extra practice.

That was it for my 20 minute class, I have to say it went pretty well. I think I kept up with all the other new teachers pretty well and they all have real teaching experience so I was happy with myself, I have to bet I was a bit more nervous than they were though! It’s very cool that we are encouraged to teach through fun games, it really makes the job feel more like play than work and the students have a much better time and learn more!

I did the demo class twice, the first I got suggestions on how to make it better and the second time was in front of all the teachers and the people who run each school, they evaluated us on our skills and they seemed to like all of our lessons.

Next we have the real demonstrations for the real students and parents!

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