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Sep '09

My First ESL Class

I’m officially an English teacher!


This is a hippo!

This is a hippo!

I had my first classes today, and it was pretty intense, I had 4 classes today (by far my busiest day of the week) and the ages ranged from about 5-13. Each class was a different skill level and I had a different lesson prepared for each. My lessons had a lot of games and were a lot of fun, but I also ran into some snags and learned a lot.

There was a little rumor in my teacher training back in Canada that Asian children are the most nice, well behaved, calm, reserved and obedient children to teach. While that is probably true in the government schools, the after school English only classrooms like mine are a far more casual environment, and the kids go crazy!

It’s hard to blame the kids as they had to be polite and sit through a day of real school before coming to English classes at nights or on weekends, and most of the time we encourage the kids to be up and running around while they are playing the vocabulary games, but when it’s time for them to sit down and chill for a minute it’s hard to get some of them under control. My classes went pretty good considering it was my first ever time teaching, but at one point I had one student hit another and make him cry, had them run past me and get into the toy box, and overall it was just super hard to get them to quiet down between activities. I talked to the other more experienced teachers and got some pointers on ways to keep them in check while still making sure everyone is having an awesome time and learning a lot.

The next day I had 2 more classes and they went much much better. My first class was with slightly older 8-12 year old kids and the lesson went flawlessly and I really saw some progress with the kids in what I was teaching them. My games were also super awesome and the kids loved them. I don’t think it will be long until I have the hang of it with all my classes.

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