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Sep '09

The Teaching Crew

After finishing all the demos we had a couple days off, awesome!

I finally got to meet the whole crew.

The reason I decided to come to this specific school in China is because I knew a few people who taught here. We all took the Teaching English course together and they told me the school was pretty good.

Anyway the crew consists of the people I know and their friends, they’re a tight group of awesome people who know each other very well. They all went to Thailand together and did some of the same things I did which was really cool to relate to. They welcomed me to their group and we hung out for a while on our days off. My friend Will lives in a really big apartment which is a super chill awesome place to hang. It’s got enough beds and couches for us all to crash at.

Taryn and Nick the Australians are guitar players and Will is legendary on the piano so the place is full of music which I loooove (we even have a bongo drum… so awesome).

It’s a little weird to be the new guy in a group of friends that all know each other so well. But they are all very cool and we have a lot of similar interests and attitudes so I’m sure once I’ve been around for a while and we’ve all warmed up to each other it’ll be a really amazing group of friends. The mix of Australians, Canadians and Americans is pretty cool too (I love travelers).

Anyway after a day of music, drinking and movies I got my first Chinese club experience. From what I can remember I had a good time hehehe. It was a pretty sweet place, it wasn’t all that busy since it was a Sunday night but it had a sweet vibe. The place is set up for a drinking game involving dice, which is an awesome idea. They also have really hot Chinese chicks come in from time to time to dance on the bar. I really don’t remember all that much more than that (don’t blame me Chinese beers are huuuuge and pre drinking is really cheap) but ya… pictures and more info next time!

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