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Sep '09

Rock Star Status in China

One of the most interesting things about living in china is how rare foreigners are.

There’s so few of us that it creates an effect with how the Chinese people perceive us. It’s what I like to call Rock star status. We foreigners are treated like slightly famous people, like if we had been in a slightly well known rock group.

It’s a little weird, every day when I’m out people stare at me, strangers say hello to me with big smiles as I pass by, people go way out of their way to help me, people point and say things to their friends, girls giggle if I wave to them, everyone smiles when I talk to them, people ask us to sit with them at bars, they come ask if they can take pictures with me… I have to admit I think it’s pretty cool, I personally like all the attention and not everyone acts this way either, about 50% of the people don’t seem to care which is good and it seems to be all positive so far too, no one has treated me negatively for being a foreigner yet. It’s all pretty fun.

I know it’s important not to get an ego about it, and to keep in mind it’s just cause I’m just something they aren’t used to, but I just can’t help love all the positive energy coming my way from the locals. I asked my friend who’s been here for about 6 months what he thinks of it and he told me he used to like it but now its starting to bother him so it’s quite possible I’ll write about how sick I am of it in the future.

Who knows what I’ll think later, for now I’ll enjoy the feeling of being slightly famous!

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