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Sep '09

Chaos on the streets

With our school we have Monday and Tuesdays off, so Sunday night we usually take the bus down to Foshan to hang out with the whole crew.

Since there was 3 of us together and we were a little tired/lazy from all the teaching we decided we’d take a peaceful hour long taxi ride instead of doing the bus thing. So we were all a little sleepy on the ride, and were just chilling out about to cross a bridge… when chaos broke out in the streets!

First we hit a deadlock traffic jam, then people began getting out of their cars and wandering forward. We looked over the top of the bridge, and saw massive clouds of dark grey smoke bellowing into the air. We took turns guessing what it was, from the amount of smoke I thought a small factory had gone up in flames.

The smoke was thick!

The smoke was thick!

A few emergency vehicles tried to get through but due to the craziness of Chinas traffic it was impossible, there were also a bunch of scooters trying to squeeze past the fire truck as it was trying to make its way through traffic with its sirens blaring… only in china.

Since traffic was at a standstill a bunch of people got out of their vehicles to take a closer look, it was really quite the spectacle. Eventually the smoke slowed and the traffic started moving again. Some people had apparently wandered too far from their cars and desperately tried to avoid getting run over as they made it back to them still sitting in their lanes. When we got past the halfway part of the bridge we saw that one lane was on fire a bit, as if a few lines of gasoline had been ignited. It was strange because I didn’t notice any wreckage near it. (At this moment Matt who had the best view of things was fired from being my camera man as he missed a shot of the fire in a panic) about 30 feet further up in another lane was a cop car who had its front smashed in, but we couldn’t see what or who it hit. Later after the end of the bridge maybe 100 meters away from the cop car was the source of the fire. (At this point the thick black smoke was gone and a little white smoke remained)

Call BS at any time

The dark smoke faded as they put out the fire

Call BS at any time

People crowding around for a closer look

It was a large bus which appeared to have exploded into a huge fireball. By the time we had got to it the firemen were finally putting out the last of the flames, but the thing was a complete wreck. I didn’t have a chance to check out any news sources in the while following it, so I’m not sure if it exploded in motion killing people or if it broke down then caught on fire. All I know is that I never thought a bus could cause so much smoke or look so destroyed! The following picture does not do it justice!

There was nothing left

There was nothing left

I’m also still totally confused about the smashed cop car on the bridge so far away, and the fire on the road even further than that.

The three of us were also aware that if we hadn’t of taken a cab this time, we could have very well been on that bus!

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