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Oct '09

Some new friends

Yesterday I was introduced to some new friends. There is Gill an American, and 3 Canadians, Tim, Marty and Li who was born in China but lived in Canada for most his life. They are all around 45? Years old and are fun to hang out with. They are very friendly and cool down to earth people. It’s also pretty awesome most of them are from Canada.

Anyway the next day I was walking out to find something to eat and I ran into them at an opening for a new bar that brews its own beer (the beer is pretty refreshing as its more of a real German type beer than the normal watery Chinese beer). They invited me to sit with them and encouraged me to help myself to their food. They brought on a seemingly endless supply of beer. After a bunch of chatting and lots of beers I learned that Marty was even friendlier than I thought, he ordered a pitcher of beer for every table at the place! “From the Canadian Guys.” This brought us a stream of happy Chinese people coming over to thank us for the beer.

After a while they called some of their lady friends to try to hook me up with a Chinese girlfriend (awesome.) Their lady friends were pretty cool, and very attractive and a couple hours later we decided to go out to a café for some late night coffee. When the bill came for the Barbeque it was quite expensive but Martey told me they never let us young English teachers pay for any drinks. I insisted that I should pay for my own but they wouldn’t let me, it was very generous of them!

The café turned out to be closed so we went to Marteys very nice hotel where he made us some coffee instead. It was a good chilled out atmosphere, me and my new Chinese lady friend tried to get to know each other while we watched Cloverfield and a pretty funny (although I didn’t know what they were saying) Chinese comedy. At the end of the night they paid for all our cab rides home (so generous) and said they would call to invite me out to dinner with them next week.

These new friends are very cool, and it’s nice to have more than one group of people to hang out with to spice things up. Despite our age difference we get along good and like I said they are very friendly. I mean… they bring me girls, pay for my beer, show me cool clubs, and have invited me to future dinners… who could ever ask for more awesome people?

Moral of the story: Travelers are wicked people!

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