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Oct '09

My Chinese Birthday!

So October 10th was my birthday and the first one I ever had while in another country!

Initially the day was going to be really uneventful, all of my friends usually have to work all day long on Saturday (8am-8pm) and then they need to wake up at 8am the next day as well, so I was planning not to celebrate it until the holiday Monday, but by a stroke of luck and awesome timing, the children had to go to their government schools on that day so my friends all had the day off.

My friends Taryn and Joel started the day by inviting me over for a kickass bacon and eggs breakfast they cooked, it was especially delicious since it’s the first time I’ve had that classic since arriving. After that they gave me 2 awesome gifts. First was a wicked handmade samurai warrior complete with killed Mohawk, huge claw fingers, a slapping hand a sweet belt and two katana swords.

Odin, destroyer of worlds.


I’ve named him Odin – Destroyer of Worlds (badass).

They (being Austrailian) also they gave me a sweet boomerang. I had a boomerang as a kid and loved it, this brought back some awesome memories I can’t wait to throw it around!

What goes around comes around... if you throw it right.

What goes around comes around... if you throw it right.

We then spent the day hanging out and watching awesome Kung Fu / Muay Thai movies (my favourite)

Later we met up with Mat and Li for some pre drinking and food at the bar. After getting heavily buzzed we headed off to V-Mix where the real fun began. After meeting with our Chinese friend Jay and making a bunch of new friends at surrounding tables the singing and dancing show stopped for a while and they brought up 6 chairs onto the stage. My Chinese friend then tapped me and said get up there they’re looking for volunteers! I had been dying to get up on the stage when drunk for a while at this club so I was thrilled. After I got up there they explained the rules to all 6 of us (in Chinese) and I still had no idea what was going on but people were cheering for me being the only foreigner on stage. Once the music started I figured out we were playing musical chairs! I had a lot of drunken fun dancing around the chairs, I managed to make it into the top 3 before being eliminated it was pretty sweet.

Later during the night my friend tapped me and pointed to the host on stage and told me to get up there. I ran up there again having no idea what was going on, the host looked kind of shocked by my present but then gave me a can of coke… I have no idea.

Throughout the night people we receiving balloon animals and hats from somewhere, eventually the hats ended up on my head then throughout the night people would carefully build more and more balloon things on top of the hat creating a massive killer super tall balloon hat of awesomeness. Here’s my artistic rendition of it:

Like this only 18x more amazing.

Like this only 18x more amazing.

Okay so I’m not an artist.

Next we went up to the third floor to dance out faces off. I was so pumped up by everything I don’t think I ever danced with so much joy or enthusiasm in my life. One of the bartenders even got me up on stage to with all the girl dancers to rock out. Somehow I started a bit of choreographed dance with the girls and half the dance floor stopped to watch and cheer us on. It was so fun.

Later in the night things were dying down on the dance floor but my friend Mat and I ran out there and used our ‘foreign power’ (my new name for it) and some ridiculously awesome dance moves to get the party going again and about 15 more people joined us on the dance floor.

Overall it was a great night, Chinese clubs have a much friendlier ‘everyone loves everyone’ feel to them then the clubs back home where things seem more… stuck up? and disconnected?

Awesome times.

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