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Nov '09

The Most Important Image Ever Taken

Check out this video. It’s about the most important image ever taken.

Wow powerful stuff isn’t it. Sure we know the universe is incredibly huge, but watching this video really helps to make you realize just how big it really is… In fact I’d say it’s so big it’s almost impossible for our minds to comprehend it. To see just how many galaxies and how many stars with how many potential planets can be seen just staring into a blank space in the sky is truly awe inspiring. To think that the entire history of all humanity and all we know takes place on one tiny little planet when there is so much else out there can really put you into a reflective state.

My question for you is how does this video make you feel? Does the fact that your just one single person on one single planet out of an estimated 10 sextillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) make you feel small? Does the fact that no matter what you accomplish in your life it won’t make any difference, on a universal scale make you feel worthless? Maybe you’re the type to just say ‘meh who cares’ and move on with your life unchanged. I think instead of any of these things, this video can instead carry a very empowering message, and have an awesome impact on how you live your life if you look at it the right way.

I think this video can give the viewer a strong sense of freedom. When you take a look at the universe in full and then look back on the problems of your own life, they don’t seem as constricting. This video can really make you think about how wrapped up we get in our daily lives, how we focus on things that are small and ignore the bigger picture. When there’s around 125 billion galaxies in the universe, does it really matter that someone took your parking space?  This video can snap us out of our daily worries and help us to take a step back and just chill out. Furthermore if it’s true that nothing we do on a universal scale really makes any difference then we might as well hold nothing back. Use this as an excuse and a reminder to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. Don’t struggle and slave away at a 9 to 5 job you hate so you can buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need, follow your passions find something you love, take risks, make some changes pursue your own happiness without restraint.

Here’s a little analogy to help me express what I’m trying to say more clearly:

Imagine your favorite sport, I’ll pick hockey since I’m Canadian ;). Now there are many leagues of play, from the lowest house league, to the Single A, Double A, Triple A and the pro NHL level. Now if you play at the national pro level there are millions of people watching, tons of money being made, lots of bets being placed, there’s fantasy leagues, stat tracking (plus if its soccer/football most the world gets into it and you might even have riots in the street) what you do really does makes a difference. However when you playing at the lowest house league level, you aren’t having much of an impact on the world, the only people who really care if you win or lose is you, your team, the other team and your parents/friends. It all feels extremely important to the house league player though, he will get completely caught up in the game, he’ll fight and struggle and be thrilled when he wins and devastated when he loses… but in the end when it’s all over the wins and losses don’t matter, he’s not in the big leagues the worlds not any different for it, he can’t take the wins with him, and the losses will fade away… so what should matter to the houseleaguer? There’s something far more important than the outcome of the games and it’s something that will stay with him after the games are done, and that’s his own personal victories. Whether or not he gave it his all when he played, if he put all he could out there to help his team, if after the game he can look back and feel proud about his efforts and about who he was on the ice.

This is how I try to think about my own life and how the most important image ever taken can help you realize what’s important. We are all just like that houseleaguer, what we do isn’t having an impact on a universal scale, and no matter how hard we fight and struggle, whether we win today in our aspirations or lose tomorrow, it’s not that important, but what is important is how we live, whether we try new things, follow our dreams, truly live rather than just exist, seek our own fulfillment, win our own victories, grow and learn and experience. That’s what really counts.

…and when we are at the end of our life, and we look back we’ll see a few wins here and a few losses there but how we played the game and who we became will be what matters to us, and will be the only thing we can take with us to the other side.

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