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Nov '09

Who Are We Really?

Often people define themselves by their life situation. If you ask someone who they are they will most likely tell you about the things they feel define themselves as a person such as their jobs or age. When we allow the outside world to define us we forget that we are limitless in what we can do with our lives. This can be a problem if for example people define themselves by their careers, if the careers are lost then the people feel lost and without purpose. If your financially poor it doesn’t mean you are poor, it’s just your situation.¬†Even your personality isn’t the real you. Just because you are a shy person doesn’t mean that you are shy, its just a current personality trait that can change if you want it to. The following list is meant to wake you up from what you currently identify yourself with and remind you who you really are underneath it all.

We are not our career.

We are not our friendships.

We are not our hobbies.

We are not our taste in music.

We are not our success or lack of success.

We are not a product of our environment.

We are not what our parents raised us to be.

We are not what other people think of us.

We are not our culture

We are not our race

We are not our age

We are not our memories.

We are not our past.

We are not our life experiences. They are simply what we have chosen to do, or what has happened to us until now.

We are not our personalities. This is just how we use our mind, how we have evolved our social output over time, simply what we value and express.

We are not out bodies. We have bodies, they are merely our vessels. They will change overtime and eventually turn to dust.

We are not our thoughts. We have thoughts, our mind produces them, but we are not them. Our minds are merely a tool for our use.

We are the observer of our thoughts. We are the one who can quiet them and just be.

We are energy. At the quantum level everything in the universe is energy. We are fields of vibrating energy moving within other fields of vibrating energy.

We are permanent. Energy can never be created nor destroyed and all that exists has always existed. When we move on we do not die but simply transition. There is nothing than can harm our true selves.

We are consciousness. Beyond all form and matter we exist as timeless consciousness.

We are all connected. We are all extensions of the same source energy, and exist as one at the highest level.

We are limitless.

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