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Nov '09

5 Ways to Get a Song Out of Your Head

The other day my friend gave me a hard time because I had been singing a catchy song and, to his dismay, it was stuck in his head. This lead to the following list of ways to get a song out of your head!

The first thing you need to do when you realize there’s an awful song stuck in your head that you want gone is to insure you don’t resist it. The more you resist something the more energy you put into it and the more power it has. If you get angry or annoyed or frustrated by the song you’re just reinforcing its position in your head. Don’t think about it or talk about it, just acknowledge it and know it won’t last long with the tips below.

1: Turn down the volume

Something you might not have thought of is turning down the volume of the song. I think we each have a default volume setting for things in our head but it’s not hard to ‘turn the knob’ and quiet the song to a whisper. This will make the song way less annoying and if you do it for a while your brain will eventually lose interest. If you notice it popping back up to default volume just patiently turn it down again.

2: Remix the song

This technique can actually be fun. Take the song stuck in your head… and put a spin on it. Have it scratch to a stop with someone yelling REMIX, then keep singing the song but in an altered way… maybe with a new slower beat, different lyrics, or a freestyle laid overtop. Your new remixed song won’t be able to stay in your head because you’re making it up as you go, and the old song will lose its grip on you.

3: Engage the senses (video games, movies)

If you’re out and about when you notice a song stuck in your head, overpower it with some fun distractions. Play a video game with the volume loud, watch a couple youtube videos, go exercise, read something challenging that takes your full concentration. You’ll soon be thinking of other things and forget there was an annoying song in the first place.

4: Replacing and Releasing

I find this technique to be the most effective for me. Whenever there is an annoying song in my head I replace it with one that I don’t have any emotions towards, I don’t necessarily like or dislike all that much. I sing it in my head a few times then stop it. Often the old song will be gone and the new one isn’t interesting enough t o stick. You have to strike a balance with this technique. If you sing the new song too many times it might get stuck in your head, but if you don’t sing it enough times the old song might still be waiting in the background. Experiment and the technique will always work!

5: Reinforce something awesome

If all else fails (which it totally wont because the list is awesome) realize that music is totally awesome and find a song that compliments your situation. If you’re trying to sleep, sing a soft beautiful melody in your head which will only help you to fall asleep faster. If you’re going for a workout turn your mental radio to something fast paced. If you’re trying to study place a beautiful instrumental in your mind. Music can enhance anything you do. The right song can make any situation blissful. The only catch is you have to know a good song for each situation you might find yourself in… so get out there and listen to a bunch of amazing music!

Let me know what works for you, and if you have any techniques I missed!

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