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Nov '09

Music Discovered Through Travel

The coolest thing about meeting other travelers is the awesome array of new music you can be exposed to. The following lists of artists are really amazing bands that are mostly instrumental or rarely focus on lyrical content.

Click the name of the band for a link to a youtube video for one of their songs. I haven’t actually watched the videos because youtube is blocked here in china! But the songs should be the correct ones!

Explosions in the Sky

Lemon Jelly

Four Tet

This Will Destroy You

Boards of Canada

Masaaki Kishibe

Habib Koite


Here in china I also learned about an amazing free music site where you can hear any song you want. It also lets you create playlists and recommends similar music to what you like through an autoplay-radio feature. That can be found at:

Each one of those artists are amazing and totally worth listening to. I also have a top 5 songs playlist that can get me into a totally blissful state of mind which I use to visualize awesome things. Click these to get a grooveshark search on the song for easy playing.

Now we are free – Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard (gladiator soundtrack)

The Staunton Lick – Lemon Jelly

Porcelain – Moby

Return to Innocence – Enigma

Din Din Wo (Little Child) – Habib Koite and Bamada

If you’re not into music, you’re completely missing out on one of the greatest gifts in the world. Get some awesome music and love life!

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