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Nov '09

Give yourself props

It’s important to give yourself props in life.

By this I mean congratulating yourself and feeling good every time you accomplish something you’ve been striving for, no matter how small. With every new thing you experience, every check mark on your bucket list, and every step towards a new goal take a few moments to be really proud of yourself.

Don’t just verbally say good job to yourself and move on… really experience joy about it on a deep level. Close your eyes think of what it looked like when you first conceived of the goal, all the steps you had to take along the way, and how good it feels to have accomplished what you set out to do.

This process helps you reinforce the capacity you have inside you to set goals and accomplish them, and makes you feel good on the inside helping to bring out your innate internal happiness.

When I give myself props about something I’m proud about I have a little visual thing that goes through my head. When I was younger my favorite video game was a Super Nintendo classic called Chrono Trigger. At the end of winning every battle or after accomplishing something big the main character Crono would do a little first pumping dance. Ooh! I found the gif on the internet check it out:


Crono from Chrono Trigger

This image conjures up awesome memories from my childhood from this amazing game. Sure it’s a little silly but giving myself props with Crono has the power to make me feel great in a second!

Find your own way to feel good and congratulate yourself after doing something you’re proud of. Pick a single visualization that you feel strongly about and stick with it. The reason I suggest to pick just one is because eventually all the things you have been proud of over the years will be strongly linked to this image in your brain, and merely thinking about it will give you a strong boost of joy and self confidence.

Make sure to be proud of the little things too, every step in the right direction brings you that much closer!

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