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Nov '09

Ask the right questions in life

Awareness is the most powerful tool we have to change our lives. Until we become aware of a problem we can’t possible know we need to find a solution. Without awareness we are confined to our limited views of our current situations. With awareness we can find new ways and methods to solve old problems.

Asking the right questions at the right times can bring about an awareness that can expand our minds and create powerful change in our lives. Whenever you are faced with a difficulty, negativity or problem first stop and see what questions you can ask yourself to bring a solution or something positive out of the situation.

When you’re not sure what choice to make, ask yourself what you want to experience more. When you fail at something, ask what positive thing you can learn from the experience. When you find yourself in a bad mood ask yourself if you need to feel this way. When you’re angry with someone ask yourself how being angry at them helps you. When your unhappy ask yourself what you would need to be happy again.

Our brains are powerful tools that are great at showing us the information we seek. Because of this if someone does you wrong, and instead of asking “How can I learn from this and prevent it from happening again?” you ask “Why do these things always happen to me?” your brain will find you reasons why you are unlucky rather than helping you learn from the experience. The difference with someone who can’t find a boyfriend or girlfriend asking “What’s wrong with me?” rather than “What attractive qualities about myself can I cultivate to attract another?” should be clear. Even though the questions are about the same theme, the answers you’ll become aware of will be vastly different.

When we ask positive constructive questions we can find positive constructive answers, but when we ask ourselves why life isn’t fair, why nothing goes our way or what’s wrong with us, we get unhelpful negative answers. Asking the wrong questions can focus your brain on the wrong answers and lead to the formation of wrong beliefs… and as we know Believing is Seeing… and of course asking the right ones can turn any negativity or problem into a strong learning experience.

As we get older we need to learn to parent ourselves, and awareness is keys to be able to look at your own issues and work on them. Recently I had been making a lot of plans with my girlfriend that kept getting canceled at the last second. At first I was getting frustrated and even angry towards her even though I knew it wasn’t her fault, but after I remembered to take a step back and ask the right questions. I asked myself why I was getting so worked up over such a little thing. I realized that if I had of known early in the day that the plan would be postponed I wouldn’t be upset. It wasn’t until after I formed a strong expectation in my mind about the plan that I would be upset when it was canceled. This then reminded me of times in the past where I would have a strong expectation to do something and then would act in similar ways when I found out I couldn’t. I understand now that I have a conditioned response in me that makes me react in childish ways when I’m told I can’t do something that I wanted. Now that I have awareness of my issue it will be really easy to catch myself before I have this childish reaction when something similar happens in the future. If I had of just kept getting frustrated or angry about the situation and asked unconstructive questions like why things kept getting canceled on me or why making plans had to be so difficult then I wouldn’t have realized my own issue and wouldn’t have learned from it.

Learn to take control of your mind and ask questions before you emotionally respond to situations. Travelling is a great way to increase your awareness and helps us learn how to solve problems by asking the right questions.

Whenever you’re unhappy in life or the next time you face any kind of problem, seek awareness by asking yourself constructive questions about your situation. You may be surprised by what you learn when you try to answer them!

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    I could normally focus enough to complete simple tasks – but beware anyone who tried to talk to me or ask me questions. I used to wake up sometimes at 3am and forget why my alarm was going off. I’m currently working “normal” office hours.