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Dec '09

How to cure Fomo

Fomo is a relatively unknown yet extremely common disease that infects many travelers in nearly every country of the world. Left untreated Fomo can lead to unpleasant physical effects including increased anxiety, sleep deprivation, irrational behavior, cold sweats, and depression.

While a small amount of people are immune to its effects, Fomo is a highly contagious disease that is often transmitted verbally without any physical contact. Travelers are often infected with Fomo early in their vacations, and are often plagued by its affects for the duration of their trips. Fomo is not limited to travelers however, and can infect anyone who meets the simple criteria for infection. While its effects are not often long term, a person can be infected with Fomo many times throughout their lives. It is estimated that Fomo will infect 9 out of every 10 people before the age of 25.

Chances are you yourself may have recently been infected with Fomo.

man recently infected with Fomo

man recently infected with Fomo

What is Fomo?

Fomo stands for (Fear Of Missing Out) and is the leading cause of stress among travelers. A traveler may be struck with Fomo anytime they wish go to sleep while others are still partying, anytime they decide to lie on the beach while others go to explore a cave, or even anytime a trip to the washroom is made with the possibility of missing a cool bar fight. 😉

Fomo can affect different people in different ways, but is a disease often filled with anxiety and uneasiness over not being present for a specific event. The worst fear for someone suffering from Fomo is the phrase “Man you’ll never believe what happened to us!!”

For some who have missed out on multiple unforgettable experiences and incredible stories, Fomo can be more prominent than the fear of death.

Ways to cure Fomo

–          Say yes to every invitation no matter what it is.

Ensure you tag along for all adventures to minimize your possibility at missing out. Example:

Traveller A: Hey dude we were wondering if you wanted to come with us to—

Traveller B: YES!

–          Only sleep during non-peak hours (4-9am)

Sleeping at any other time can lead to missing out on awesome stories or cool adventures multiplying the effect of Fomo in future cases.

–          Throw your own parties

If you host parties at your own home you’ll be able to remain at the center of all the action and never have to worry about leaving before the party’s over.

–          Ensure you are always dressed and pumped for action at any time

An unforgettable moment can arise at any time without warning. Wasting time ‘getting ready’ on your way to such an event is unacceptable. Ensure you can leave and be on the road towards the action in no more than 7 seconds.

–          Keep a strong line of communication

You never know when your friend will call you screaming about an awesome cat fight that just started between two hot blondes. Ensure effective lines of communication are open to you at all times.

–          Have a better adventure than everyone else

The absolute best way to avoid Fomo is to have your own adventures and ensure they are more awesome than everyone else’s. It is impossible to fear missing out on someone else’s fun when you are creating an even more unforgettable story yourself! This however can cause your friends to be infected with Fomo therefore spreading the disease.

Together we can beat Fomo

With these simple steps you can help stop the spread of Fomo and ensure you do not fall prey to its harmful effects. Educate others about Fomo and the ways to prevent or cure it. Together we can beat Fomo and live full healthy adventurous lives.

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