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Dec '09

You Will Die

The clock is ticking.

Every second you live you move one second closer to death.

You’re lying on the tracks and the train is coming… you can’t see it and you can’t tell exactly how close it is, but it is coming.

It could be 60 years from now, it could be tomorrow, but it is inescapable.

Hell, every single person alive on the earth today will be gone 150 years from now.

Know… not think… but know with absolute certainty that you will die.

You will die, and the world will move on without you.

Stop slaving at a job you hate to buy things you don’t need.

Stop stressing over your little problems.

Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Stop making excuses about why you don’t do the things you want to do.

Stop putting things off.

Stop waiting for a future happiness when you can work on it now.

Stop regretting the past

Stop being afraid.

Stop holding back.

Stop these things because you will die.

Start following your bliss

Start laughing more

Start forgiving people

Start being passionate

Start living stress free

Start travelling

Start freeing yourself

Start connecting with others

Start going for what you want

Start setting goals and achieving them

Start learning new things

Start working on your bucket list

You will die. Don’t wait another second to start living.

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