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Dec '09

Travel To Grow – Carnival – December 19th

Recently I decided to host a blog carnival linking to cool articles about personal development related to travel.

I received a good number of submissions and picked my 5 favorite posts.

  • First is a post by Katie Sorene with an interesting and inspiring article about 5 less obvious reason to travel. The reasons to travel are plentiful, but these less obvious ones are awesome additions that I agree with.
  • The next is a post at Positively Present entitled happiness is an open road. I really liked this one. It shares some cool ideas about the joys and benefits of taking an exciting road trip. What I liked the most is that at the end it focuses on living completely in the present moment.
  • The next article doesn’t focus on travel but I wanted to share it because it focuses on a lot of personal development ideas that I like, from a movie I loved. The post by Vincent is titled: Rocky Balboa’s Lessons On Life
  • Axel has an interesting post on his blog talking about how personal development and travel are intertwined. You can read it here titled: Traveling And Personal Growth the post talks largely about what he learned through his travels in Africa, and is quite intriguing.
  • Lastly is a post by Bhushan Sawant talking about his wonderful travel experience in and around Melbourne in Australia. It’s called Australia – a Tourist Paradise. the thing I liked the most about it was how it talks about the joys of a more relaxed life away from the big city where people are so much better at connecting with each other.

I hope you enjoy these articles about personal development and travel, feel free to promote any other interesting blogs that fit this topic you wish to share in the comments!

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