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Dec '09

The Inspired Life – Day 4

We woke up feeling pretty good about our whole Shantou experience. We met Mr. Zheng downstairs and grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to the bus station for the long ride home. Mr. Zheng sent us on our way because he was going to stay in Shantou for a few more days. He allowed us to pay for our tickets home which was good because it was the first thing we had paid for the entire time. The ride home was pretty uneventful which was nice as it allowed us to rest up a bit after the intense couple days. At the halfway point we stopped for a washroom break and some snacks. Inside the local convenience store where they sold drinks, chips, and snacks we looked at the side wall and noticed they also sold huge insane swords and other battle weapons!

Yes for the ride home I’d like some pretzels, an apple juice and a battle axe please. Only in China.

We passed a couple accidents which slowed our ride home down quite a bit and the entire trip ended up taking over 7 hours. Matt and I know that every time we leave our Plaza for a few days there’s a good chance something has changed (things are constructed ridiculously fast in China). Sure enough there was a new shop opened up selling books and tea sets. I told Matt as part of my inspired life challenge we had to try out a new restaurant we never ate at before so we found one that served some really awesome western food. It was a little expensive but my seafood spaghetti was delicious.

That night we met up with the new teacher in the area Simon for a beer or two outside the local shop. I had to go to Hong Kong early tomorrow morning so I was hoping to have a nice relaxing night where I took it easy, but Matt and Simon invited me to come along to V-Mix. Simon had never been before and I was supposed to say yes to all invitations during these 10 days so I decided it would be okay to miss out on some sleep to have a good night.

We met up with Li and headed out to V-Mix.  The place was full of energy when we arrived and there were some stunning girls doing a dance routine on the center performers stage. After watching a few performances and talking to some people we decided to head upstairs. There we met a cool group of people at the next table and played a bunch of drinking games with them. After that Matt and I busted out of first (of many to come) ball dance routine. It’s a dance where we form an imaginary ball of energy in our hands and then perform a bunch of awesome tricks with it and pass it to each other and spin it on our fingers ect. The dance never fails to attract a crowd of curious watchers and the real fun begins when you pass the imaginary ball onto people who were just watching to see what they do with it. A few people were a little too embarrassed to join it but some did a few tricks with it before passing it back. Next time we’ll try it on the actual dance floor!

After that I met a cool girl named Vivi. She spoke pretty awesome English which was awesome since it’s such a rarity around the clubs. After talking and playing for a while I went to get her number but her big sister came up to me and say there was no way I could have it since she was Vivi’s protector. I can’t remember what I said next but she told me if I remembered her name when we first met I could have it. I’m honestly terrible with names and I had no idea but I knew it was 2 syllables. The music was loud so I figured I’d act as if I remembered easily and without hesitation yelled ‘Mua mua!’ the sister apparently thought I got it right and was quite impressed that I remembered. It wasn’t until I actually asked her how to spell her name that I found out it was Vivi hehehe. I definitely want the next girl I date to have a decent English ability so I hope things with Vivi progress.

Later in the night I saw two girls playing a really weird dancing game so I decided to join them. They were doing a crazy dance and then at the end one of them would have to drink. They invited me to join in and I tried to follow along but I had no idea what was going on. Eventually I figured out it was similar to rock paper scissors but in a fun dance form. You also lose if you mess up the dance anywhere along the way. Shortly after one of the girls left so I was able to really learn the game with a 1 on 1 lesson from the other girl. Shortly after Matt joined us and we taught him how to play too. The girl seemed to be one of the most full of life and fun girls we had met so far, she even made her friends meet her later in the night so she could finish teaching us. She seemed to be a total leader when most Chinese girls act completely like followers. We were impressed by her awesomeness and gave her big hugs goodbye at the end of the night.

Shortly after we decided to head back to Jiaxin for the night. We went to Mr. Wu’s bar for a last drink before closing. There Matt and I sat with 2 women in their early thirties who were as drunk as we were by this time. We had a good chat with them and some late night snacks. Eventually it was closing time and since we all lived in the same building we walked back together. Matt and 1 of the girls were walking ahead of us and just as they passed by a corner the other girl grabbed me and pulled me behind the wall. There she started passionately making out with me! I was incredibly shocked as this kind of thing is super rare for Chinese women but I have to admit I didn’t put up much of a fight. After this she turned the corner and started walking quickly to catch up to her friend, but then she tripped over a bar on the ground and fell over. I think she was really embarrassed by this so I helped her up but I knew she was too wasted to not regret anything that might happen in the morning. After getting her back to the building we went our separate ways… I wonder what it will be like the next time I see her!

Oh China… How I love you.


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