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Dec '09

The Inspired Life – Day 9

Today was the peaceful productive day.

For the first 8 days of the challenge I had been so busy I didn’t have anything except jot notes to remind me of what happened written down so I spent today writing out everything that happened in the first 8 days.

This took a lot of time but it was cool to look back at how the first 8 days went. I was surprised by how much had happened and how much I needed to write down. Between writing things down I also worked on the overall website changing how the archives of the articles are viewed.

There was nothing going on during the day, the other foreigners were away or working and I was still feeling a little too under the weather to go on an adventure, so throughout the day I just focused on feeling awesome. I also went on GrooveShark, my favorite music finding website, and discovered a bunch of new tracks similar to my favorite group Lemon Jelly.

While searching for the new music I stumbled upon the Lemon Jelly forum and got a cool idea for a future article. I’ll put a link to that article here when it’s up.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything interesting to write about for the final day 10 of the challenge so I put out the intention that some kind of awesome plan would come my way. When it came time for dinner I decided to try a new dish I had seen in a picture at one of my old favorite places. This restaurant has amazing food but it’s always empty for some reason. Tonight there was just me and one other Chinese couple eating. The Chinese dude was a real big guy as far as Chinese people go, so I could tell he was from the north. I also knew from past experience people from the north were amazing drinkers. Anyway at one point in the meal I wanted a napkin to wipe my face but when I asked the waitress for one, doing the action of wiping my face she had no idea what I was doing and offered me more rice. This caused the northern Chinese guy to crack up laughing. I soon found out he spoke pretty good English and his wife offered me the remaining unused napkins at their table. I found out the mans name was Baker, and Baker loved how I knew people from the north were great drinkers. He talked about how people here in the south like to drink wussy alcohol under 25% percent  and how real men in the north drink 40% stuff. I told him how a few days ago in Shantou we drank 52% Baijou and he cracked up. After that he told me that tomorrow was a special dumpling festival in China and how he’d love for me to come to his place to make and eat dumplings with his family. I was pretty honored by the request, I heard Chinese people would invite foreigners to their homes but besides going to see Zheng’s families house in Shantou I hadn’t had the opportunity. I was very happy to accept the invitation.

After dinner I went and bought a nice 500ml 41% bottle of alcohol (for $4… god China is cheap) from the store because I heard it’s a custom to bring a small gift when you are invited to someone house, and I figured Baker would get a kick out of me bringing a real mans drink.

I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible to go to his family’s house the next day so I made sure to do another round of Qi Gong before going to bed to see if it would cure my cold even faster.

Like I said today was quite a peaceful and productive day. I got a whole lot done, felt good all day, appreciated being in China and appreciated life in general. On top of that I set up an interesting event for the final day of the challenge. It wasn’t a day I’ll never forget like some of the earlier ones in the challenge, but it was a good day, I’m definitely not in the funk that I set to break out of on day 0 anymore… and I’m definitely feeling better than ever about China!

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