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Jan '10

The Inspired Life – Summary

Looking back over the 10 days of the Inspired life challenge I’m amazed by how many things happened in such a short span of time.

I… made awesome connections with complete strangers, went to karaoke parties, danced on a few stages in a few bars, got invited to play countless drinking games with countless people, saw a new city, visited the ocean, got hit by a bus, got put up in a hotel for free, drank tea in many different places, ate different kinds of hot pot, started a Congo line, did a Michael Jackson duet, met many Chinese families, tried out an eastern toilet, ate snails, started a ball-dance, learned new drinking games, met new awesome women, had an older drunk woman make out with me, went to Hong Kong, won a jackpot(sort of), visited a McCafe, paid $4RMB for beer then $60RMB for beer, suffered a whole lot, got lost in an unknown Chinese city, had a small mental freak out when I thought I was going to lose my job, taught a bunch of awesome English classes, learned how to appreciate China, discovered new music and learned how to make dumplings.

Looking back at my intention…

“To live 10 inspired, conscious days full of awesome experiences. To break myself out of my funk, to rekindle my positive spirit, to learn interesting lessons, to create some unforgettable memories, and to incorporate future habits for inspired living extending well past the 10 days.”

…I really did get what I asked for. I had a lot of awesome experiences, especially in the first 5 days. I definitely forgot all about my funk. I rekindled my positive spirit and love for china while in Hong Kong. Learned a lot of lessons during my day of suffering, absolutely created some unforgettable memories and I really think I learned some things I can definitely incorporate into my life now that the 10 days are over.

Day 1 taught me that you can definitely turn a bad day into an awesome one with a simple act…

Day 2 and 3 taught me that I definitely need to get out of Shunde and see more of China because its totally awesome.

Day 4 taught me how awesome and random China can be, and reminded me just how much fun meeting new friendly people is.

Day 5 reminded me how much I love China and reminded me how other places in the world were in contrast.

Day 6 taught me bout not giving up, about being prepared for the worst, about taking lessons out of suffering, and how important it is to take care of myself.

Day 7 taught me how important it is to start your day off feeling good. The days I felt like crap in the morning and didn’t do anything about it were the days that felt the most wasted and least inspired.

Day 8 taught me that to be happiest my next teaching job should be with older students or adults as I had a much better time teaching them on the weekend. I also learned how I can have 2 similar days with completely different levels of happiness based on my mentalities.

Day 9 taught me I don’t need to have a constant supply of adventures or new experiences to be totally happy with how things are even a day when nothing interesting happens can be a really good day if you live it in a inspired way.

Finally Day 10 taught me what a perfectly balanced inspired day is like, and how that’s the type of day I should strive for in the future.

I have to admit not every day of the challenge was as inspired as it could have been. But I did find every day interesting and worthwhile. Creating some awesome memories and learning something every day is all I could ask for from a challenge like this.

In general one of the main things I learned in the challenge was that acting in inspired ways is definitely rewarded. For every stranger you talk to, for every situation you approach with 0 hesitation, for every social risk you take, and for everytime you say Yes to an invitation you definitely get something out of it.

I think what I learned during this challenge will stay with me for a long time and help to make every day a little bit more inspired.

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  • modge

    aha!!! good experience, it makes more exciting when you are going to write all the things happened when you’re felt that you’re totally freak out of expecting to lose your job,,..By the way its a nice memory you have! it’s cool.