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Jan '10

Bruce Lee’s Memorial Park

Bruce Lee has been my hero for as long as I can remember. When I found out that Bruce Lee’s ancestors house was located in Shunde, and they had constructed a Bruce Lee Memorial park in his honor I knew I had to check it out. I threw on my Bruce Lee shirt, my Bruce Lee underwear and grabbed my nunchucks to get into the spirit of Bruce Lee awesomeness.

Fun Fact: Many people think Bruce Lee died due to an allergic reaction to a pill similar to an aspirin he took one day. The truth is however that Bruce Lee simply became too awesome for the physical world to contain him and he was forced to transcend to a higher state of being. 😉

Instead of writing all about the memorial park I’ll sum it up with the word “awesome” and simply show you some pictures.


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The memorial was pretty cool and it was awesome to see so many artifacts from the life of the greatest martial artist ever known. The only disappointment was the giant Bruce Lee statue was under some sort of construction and was not on display, we merely saw its leg! The fact that was got to play with weapons and do so many cool poses with the smaller statue made up for it.

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