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Feb '10

The Stunningly Beautiful Yangshuo

Teaching in Yangshuo for the past week has been a lot of fun. I really enjoy teaching the adult classes because they are relaxing and the discussions generated make them interesting. The students also learn a whole lot more than the children do so they feel more rewarding.

Another benefit is you can hang out with them after class, which is what we decided to do Saturday. A few students, a few staff members and I all rented bicycles and went on a trip around this stunning area.  We saw some beautiful scenery, a lot of interesting local things and had a great lunch on a farm (where I promised some very sad looking pigs that I would one day become a vegetarian 😉 )

Yangshuo really is an incredible place, with countless small mountains rising out from the earth in every direction. In my mind its a must-visit for anyone coming to China.

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