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Feb '10

Trip to Moon Mountain and Secret Beach

In my final days here in Yangshuo I headed out with friends to see the amazing view at the top of Moon Mountain, and then to the peaceful and relaxing secret beach with my good friend Jen.

Moon Mountain gets its name by the amazing cresent moon-like formation that occured in the rock. We climbed to the very top of it.


On the climb up Moon Mountain I was stunned by this ancient Chinese woman who followed up the entire mountain carrying a big cooler full of drinks. We were all tired when we reached the top of the mountain but somehow she kept up with us even though she looked over 70, and was carrying much more than any of us.


At the secret beach we met some really really old but really really awesome chinese farmers who were sitting around a huge fire. They seemed like such amazing, pure and friendly people it was pretty touching, they even invited me to stay in their home for a while if I ever came back to yangshuo for a vacation. One of the old guys, over 70 was telling me about his great grandchild… he was really¬†entertaining when he talked but also really humbling… he was telling me how much fun he has with his friends because hes rich. He considers himself rich because he makes 100RMB ($15) a day!

Wonderful dude.

Wonderful dude.

Anyway here are the rest of the pictures… the view from the top of moon mountain was quite stunning.


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