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Mar '10

Living 100 Years of Perfection

1 bad day

Imagine a life where you live 100 years of perfection. Every day is joyful, peaceful and fulfilling. But amidst these 100 years of perfect days there is a single bad day in the middle. Every day before this day is perfect, and every day after it is perfect, but this one day is bad, maybe even really bad.

On this day you suffer. You’re beaten up, put down, heartbroken, and hurt. People cause pain to you and you cause pain to others and there is a lot of sadness in this day. None of it is permanent or lasting of course, because the next day your life is back to perfection, but this one day really sucks.

If you could choose to remove this one day from your 100 years of perfection would you? Would you replace it with another perfect day, so that your entire life is comprised of uninterrupted perfection? I mean… why would you want to suffer, to experience pain and sadness, and the full range of negative emotions you’ve been free from? Why put yourself through it?

Perhaps you would instead decide this bad day would be valuable to you. It would teach you things, and help you grow. Perhaps it would help you to enjoy and appreciate the perfection of everyday after it and be grateful for every day before it. Perhaps after experiencing pain and suffering, your capacity for love and kindness would be forever expanded. The single bad day is an incredibly small amount of time compared with your entire life… surely you can endure one bad day… and the benefits of it could make the flavor of the rest of your life so much sweeter.

We chose this life

The belief that I and some other people hold is that we are immortal souls who have come to this world by choice. I believe before we were born we chose the general guideline for the life we wanted to be born into and a few key things we’d encounter along the way.

The problem most people have with this belief is the why. Why would some people choose to be born in poverty stricken areas of the world? Why would people choose to be born into suffering and sadness? Why would some people choose to be born in a world where their odds of even surviving childhood are low?

The answer to that question is the same reason why I would choose to bring 1 day of suffering into my life if I was blessed with 100 perfect years. Compared with the timelessness of eternity, this single life we experience is infinitely short. We come here to learn and grow and experience what it’s like to move away from a life of perfection and into a life of uncertainty. We know no real harm can come to us as our spirits are untouchable from the physical world, and any pain we suffer is only temporary. We’ve come to this world to grow as spirits. To expand our consciousness and to understand what it is to be human, to live as imperfect beings in an imperfect world.

We came here to grow

Our lives are not necessarily full of suffering as with the bad day example, but they are full of countless experiences, trials and challenges, hardships and successes for us to grow from. No one makes it through life without experiencing at least some temporary pain, suffering and heartache, and no one goes through life without learning from that which we experience along the way.

We came to this planet to grow not to let our days pass by in stagnation.  Live your life with passion, try new things, take on new challenges, go for what you want despite the suffering it might take to achieve it. It’s all about experiencing, and growing from the experience.

That’s why it’s so important to travel. To expose ourselves to countless experiences, cultures, people and lessons we might never encounter otherwise. To make our mission of growth and evolution we undertook coming to this world worthwhile, and to take the most we can out of our short time here on this planet.

Travel to grow my friends, it’s why we’re here.

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