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Jul '10

A Universe of Energy

One of my favorite topics to delve into is the topic of energy. I think the topic of energy is by far one of the most important aspects of existence and also one of the least talked about and understood. We as people are just beginning to grasp some aspects of how the world’s energy can be manipulated and here in China the topic is far more common than back in the west.

What exactly am I talking about when I say energy?

It’s hard to give a single specific definition of energy because there are so many various practices and understandings of energy out there. In Scientific study energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, and electrical energy. In quantum physics it’s thought that all matter at its most basic form is energy. Energy is also found in a lot of other practices in life with solid examples of its use.

Chinese Energy Practices

China seems to be the birthplace of studies into the body’s energy and its various uses. Here in China the energy I am talking about is called Chi (Qi) and can be found in many practices. This page is meant to offer a brief introduction to some of these practices so you can look into them further if they interest you.


Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese technique used to treat pain and illness in the body. The idea behind acupuncture is to use hair thin needles to stimulate various energy meridians throughout the body to remove energy blockages, help the energy flow and bring a balance to the bodies energy field. While acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in Asia it has just caught on and been accepted as an effective treatment for various illnesses by a large number of professionals here in the west.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another extremely popular practice of energy manipulation for health and overall well being here in China and is growing in popularity in western countries.  Tai chi can be seen as a sort of combination of Yoga and moving meditation and also bring with it a lot of health benefits for the practitioners. Here in China you can find people practicing Tai Chi in the park every morning.

Martial Arts

Oriental martial arts such as Kung fu and Karate focus heavily on using ones energy effectively while attacking or defending. The energy is also used to maintain health and well being and is explored in various meditation practices that coincide with the physical practices of the arts. There are also practices which involve using the body’s energy as an actual physical shield to block immense attacks. I saw a program on this practice on the discovery channel where martial art and energy manipulation experts allowed other professional athletes to attack their bodies with immense punches to the face or kicks to the groin using all their strength without even fazing the martial artists on the receiving end.

Qi Gong

Qigong is a very interesting form of energy manipulation whose sole purpose is to bring about healing and heath to the practitioner by manipulating, renewing and balancing the bodies energy. I have learned how to perform Qigong and have tried it from time to time with good results. After practicing it a few times I became much more in tune with my bodies energy and I found that the level that you can really feel it as you manipulate it and hold it in your hands would remove anyone’s doubt to its existence. I tried Qigong a few times when I was sick and it instantly made me feel a better. My favorite time to use it is if I am really tired and ready for bed but I have plans to go out later that night. 30 minutes of QiGong usually gets me feeling extremely energetic and pumped removing all my sleepiness.

Taoist sex practices

I’ve also recently been reading about ancient Chinese Taoist sex practices. Still practiced by people today the methods involve moving and channeling the sexual energy cultivated during intercourse away from just your genitals and throughout the entire body that can eventually result in multiple full body orgasms and other benefits… talk about a useful way to use energy!

Other Energy Practices


Meditation is an eastern practice that has become much more popular and accepted in western countries over the past few years. While some meditation simply involves breathing and mind clearing practices others involve moving the bodies energy around through visualization. Today the health benefits of meditation are very well known and its practiced by many people of many different cultures.


Among various other therapeutic skills my Aunt has been trained in Reiki energy healing so I have been able to learn a bit about this form of healing from her. Similar to QiGong Reiki healing is about manipulating the bodies energy, removing blockages, sending healing energy to damaged areas of the body. When receiving a Reiki massage one time I could feel a pressure pulsating back and forth on both sides of my body. I asked my Aunt if she was lightly touching me but showed me to my amazement that her hands were more than 4-5 inches away… and that she was consciously sending me energy from one side to another in exactly the way I had felt it.


Other uses of energy and the like can be grouped under the term Psi. This is a grouping of various things such as Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Energy shields, Telekinesis, Energy balls and stuff like that. These things can be seen as pretty farfetched for most people, but there are entire communities out there that practice them like this one here. Even doing a simple YouTube search on telekinesis can show you tons of videos of people who genuinely swear they actually learned some basic TK. Sure the videos could be faked and I’m sure some of them are, but perhaps its best to try the basic methods of some of these things yourself and see what kind of results you get before judging whether it is possible or not.

Water Crystals

Dr. Emoto Masaru published research and a book called Messages from Water detailing how water can be effected by energy. Volumes of water have thoughts, emotions and energy projected onto them and are then frozen to form water crystals. The amazing researched shows when water has positive feels and thoughts projected onto it like love and peace it forms into beautiful balanced crystals, whereas negative thoughts such as war or hatred freeze into erratic ugly designs. For a short introduction check out this video of the different steps Dr. Emoto went through to find out how energy effects water and some images of the crystals formed. Or this one if you just want to see the pictures.

These were just some of the various studies and practices involving energy that I know about. I’m sure there are many that I missed. With so much interest in the study and use of energy it’s hard not to see its potential benefits!

Everyday Energy

So maybe you don’t believe in any of the above practices. It’s fine to be skeptical as long as you remain open minded. Perhaps they are all based on ancient outdated philosophies and are supported by delusional people. I personally have experience with some of the above practices and felt the results myself (and I don’t think I’m delusional 😉 ) so I have a hard time not believing in them. But even if you don’t believe in these things or you’re just not interested in them, there are some things related to energy that are a little more practical and can have an influence on your everyday life.

It’s pretty evident that a person’s thoughts and energy is projected onto those around them. If you’re in a good mood and have positive energy people tend to react positively to you. And if you are in a bad mood giving off negative vibes people can’t help but react a little worse to you. No time in my life has this been as apparent to me as when meeting strangers in China the results that my mood makes are incredible.

Perhaps people pick up on it unconsciously, perhaps it’s in your body language or voice tone or maybe they can just feel certain vibes from you, but the results are definitely noticeable. If you’re a guy, for the clearest results on this try approaches a group of women you’ve never met while feeling joyous and alive compared to approaching them with a well trained fake smile. You’ll notice if you’re feeling amazing and having fun it’s nearly impossible to get blown out!

This knowledge is important when choosing who you hang out with as well. Maybe you’ve noticed before that when hanging around negative pessimistic people it can actually be a draining experience, while spending time with positive people can make you feel uplifted and great. This can have a huge impact on your life over the course of time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe in the various energy practices in today’s world or not is up to you but there is no denying the numerous results countless people from around the world get from them. I recommend picking one that you find most interesting and try it out yourself for a while to form your own opinions. And if you just want to have your mind blown a bit about our universe and the quantum physics of energy do a search for Dr. Quantum on Youtube.

The world of our thoughts and our body’s energy is vast and interesting and it’s been very cool to live here in China where the idea of it is so much more common. Even if you aren’t into any specific energy practice merely going about your day with a positive attitude projecting positive energy will surely enhance your daily interactions and your life!

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