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What is God? The Answer

What is God?

As I’ve travelled there’s been a few interesting days, where sitting in a relaxed atmosphere like around a campfire the conversation would transition into deeper discussions about life. Talks about the meaning of life, why we are here, where we came from and discussions about God can really bring out a wide variety of answers and conflicting views from people.

The question of “Do you believe in God” was one I always found hard to answer. The problem was it seemed everyone else shared the same general idea of what God was… Some omnipotent being who created the universe and all life in it… and who now sits up in the clouds and watches us. The discussions would then be about whether God has any affect on the world, whether he is a nice God or a fearful God and other things that didn’t fit into my notion of God. People would say things such as “There can’t be a God. If there was a God, why would he let such awful things happen on the world?” Or they would defend that there is a God by saying “He answers prayers and creates miracles.” Or that “he works in mysterious ways.” The problem with all these questions and statements is that they fail to ask the much more important question “What is God?” Without asking that, every other statement could be built upon false assumptions.

I want to start this article by saying no one is qualified to answer this question and claim any sort of certainty. We can never be sure of what exists beyond what we can directly experience and this is no different. When it comes to the abstract and the intangible all we can do is discuss possibilities and find out what makes the most sense for us. All I am claiming in this article is that this idea of what God is makes much more sense than many other traditional notions of God.

I also want to make clear that I’m not a religious person, and this article is not aligned with any particular faith. I tend to think many things about religion are foolish and I believe that generally religion does more harm than good in the world. I do think though than many religions share a few common higher truths with each other.

Before the end of this article I’m going to attempt to, through common sense and logical reasoning, define that God exists, explain what God is, and reason that we are all one with God and one with each other.

Take it step by step

I think the only way I can convince anyone of my conclusion is to take my reasoning step by step agreeing on one simple point at a time. I’ll try not to make any assumptions that don’t make absolute sense.

The first step is to decide if the universe was created on not.

Now there are only two possibilities, either the universe has always existed forever and ever or else it was created. First, let’s decide that it doesn’t make sense that the universe has always existed.

What do we know about the universe? Well the main thing is that the universe is in a constant state of change. Planets are always in gravitational motion around their respective suns. Stars eventually die in great supernovas, new stars are born within nebulae. Entire galaxies are in motion, some even colliding into each other. We also know that the universe is expanding at a rapid rate. It appears to be moving outwards from a central starting location.

Now the point of all this is: there had to be a starting point for all this expanded movement. For something to be in a state of motion at a certain speed in a certain direction there had to be a time that it was put into motion. Science shows us today that through various methods such as background radiation measurements (measuring the cooling time of suns since their creation), and expansion rate calculations estimate that the universe has been expanding from a starting point for approximately 13.73 billion years, the current estimated age of the universe. The date when it was created.

Okay so we decided the universe was in fact created. Now how was it created? That’s not entirely important for what I’m getting at but if you believe in the current scientific theory of the big bang that’s fine.

Now my next point is that it had to be created by SOMETHING.

Let’s examine the big bang for a second, the big band theory states that somewhere around 13.73 billion years ago there was nothing and then boom! Big bang. Then they always say, what caused the big bang to happen or where all the energy from the big bang came from no one knows.

But it had to come from somewhere. Nothing doesn’t just create something. You can’t hurt yourself by walking into nothing. Nothing can’t cook your breakfast for you, and nothing can’t create the big bang. Nothing is what it is… no-thing.

So something had to exist before the big bang, because it can’t possibly come from nothing. Now this something that I’m about to describe is what I’m going to call God.

Okay so this something called God existed before the big bang, now what can we conclude about God? First of all it has to have always existed. It could not have been created at some point in time because then the question would simply change to be; what created that creator? The other creator would now be God and then that God would have to be infinite and so on and so on.

So God is infinite and existed before the universe and is therefore separate from the relative concept of time. What else? God has to be infinite in all directions, separate from the concept of space. The reason, besides the fact that space and time are connected, is because it takes at least 2 separate objects for the concept of space to exist.

If God is the only thing in existence there is nothing else at all not even time, God is literally everything and therefore infinite. It’s not like a square drawn on a page with a border of blank white space around it, there is ONLY the square and therefore there are no borders.

Now because God is infinite and nothing exists but God, God must be existence in it’s most basic form. If there was a more basic form than God then God could be separated into smaller components and therefore would cease to be infinite.

So what do we know about matter in its smallest form thanks to quantum physics. Science tells us in its basic form everything is energy. First you have the Universe –> Galaxy –> Earth –> Individuals –> Organ Systems –> Cells –> Molecules –> Atoms –> Subatomic Particles –> Energy

So this God in its simplest form would have to simply be pure infinite energy.

So we know what God is and ‘boom’ we know somehow the universe was created. Now step back a sec, God is infinite energy in all directions now where would the universe be created?

It cannot be created separate from God because God is infinite, therefore it has to be created within God, encompassed by Gods infinite energy. Now I don’t mean it’s inside God I mean it isn’t even separate from God, God is one with the entire universe. The universe cannot be separate from that which is infinite.

How can this be? Well God is infinite energy and the universe in its simplest form is just energy, so all it is, is energy encompassed by energy. The separation between God and the universe therefore must only be an illusion on the level where we move from energy into form aka atoms and molecules.

So my final point, if God encompasses the entire universe and the universe is one with God, this also means you are one with God, it means you are also one with the rest of the universe, the plants, the objects, and your fellow man.

So what does this conclusion mean?

Well here are a couple things for starters:

It answers the question so many people ask “Why would God let bad things happen to good people” God is not some person sitting up in the clouds watching our daily lives judging us on our sins, punishing the evil and rewarding the good, he is one with us and therefore our lives are in our control.

It brings the power back to us. Many religions teach that you should give yourself to God, entrust in him and devote yourself to his will. The truth is that you are a microcosm of God. You don’t need to give up your own power in hopes that God will make life good for you, you have all the power you need to be in full control of your life within you. Anything you want is within your grasp as you have infinite potential.

There is no devil to counter God in the universe. If God is infinite then it leaves no place for an opposite opposing being such as the devil. The only evil in the world is the evil that is created on the level of form which is not infinite.

Next if we are one with God and one with infinite energy what happens when we die? Well it’s not over, we are infinite with no end, we would only transition to a new existence as energy and live on. Returning to the energy from which we were temporarily separated by form.

The important question

The big mystery for us now is the question about consciousness. Is our consciousness merely located in our brains meaning it dies when we die? Or is it separate from the world of form? Are we merely the sum of the mechanical firing of the neurons in our physical brains? Or are we something more? There have been reports of people who had near death experiences retaining consciousness while they were technically brain dead, but can we trust these reports?

If our consciousness is separate from the physical universe, it must be one with the infinite energy of god. Perhaps when we leave this world our consciousness returns to the oneness of pure infinite god consciousness.

Whatever happens there is only one thing I am sure of. If there is anything our consciousness will be the only thing we can bring with us to the other side. Therefore developing your consciousness by learning and experiencing all you can while you are alive is the most important thing you can do.

What do you think?

I hope this article can create some good discussion from people with diverging opinions. Did I miss something? Did I assume too much somewhere? Was there a hole in my logic? Or do you agree that this theory makes the most sense? Let me know!

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