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Sep '10

Trip to a China Seashore town

My escape from the small town of Aojiang and integration back into the real world now finally feels complete as I experience more of China through Beijing… hell I even went to a beach again! 😉

These are pictures from my trip to a seashore town 5 hours away by train from Beijing that I went to with my girlfriend. We had a good time full of adventure, romance and some plain old sillyness.

This trip helped affirm my belief that with a positive attitude you can find joy in troubled situations. This happened when were dropped off in the nature park and after looking around for a bit we realized we were unprepared. We were told there was a big super market within the park for supplies and some places to eat dinner, but the truth was  there was one tiny shop and one restaurant which were both closed for the night even though we arrived at 5:30. We noticed everyone else on the island had brought their own food. We also had no way back into town except to call a taxi a very far distance which would have cost us both way more than we wanted. The reality was we were stuck feeling hungry and with no way to buy food. I really didn’t feel any worry about our situation though because I was in quite the optimistic mood, and I told Jen when you travel these kinds of things tend to work themselves out.

It turned out to be true as earlier we had said hi to a group of people our own age and introduced ourselves and when they learned of our situation they invited us to share their barbeque dinner with us. It turned out they were also from Beijing and had brought more than enough food for everyone. Even after they forced Jen and I to eat as much as we could we still couldn’t finish all the food they had packed. They were a really friendly bunch and we made some great new friendships with them. Later on we put up our tent near theirs and played card games and listened to music with them into the night. Before they left we got their details encase we want to call them up back here in Beijing.

The island was really cool with a long beautiful beach, volleyball and soccer nets, tent rentals and a beautiful night sky which was so refreshing after hardly seeing any stars while in the city. The coolest things about the area however was that about a kilometer down the beach there were these amazing sand dunes they had formed. They were pretty massive but we climbed to the top of them and walked along them. They stretched as far as the eye could see… It was so cool to stand on top of a sand dune and have the ocean on one side and a kind of desert on the other!

The next day instead of taking an expensive ride back into town I introduced Jen into the joys of hitchhiking 😀

We only had to walk down the road for about 5 minutes or so and only had 2 cars pass us before a jeep with a 4 wheeler in the back stopped to pick us up. The people in the car seemed like wild people with dyed hair and tattoos (Rare for china) and when I practiced my new Chinese which means the equivalent of something like “you guys are fucking awesome!” they all laughed like crazy. They dropped us off in town and we had no trouble making it to our next destination.

Anyway here are the pictures from the trip… These are mostly for my personal memories but you may find the sand dunes next to the ocean really interesting.


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  • Suzy Lounge Bar

    Looks like you two have a great time at the beach. Next time, why not try go bar hopping in Shenzhen. I am sure that you two will have a good time there.

  • Suzy Lounge Bar

    Looks like you two have a great time at the beach. Next time, why not try go bar hopping in Shenzhen. I am sure that you two will have a good time there.