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Nov '10

Halloween in Beijing

My 2nd halloween has passed in China, this time celebrated in Beijing.

I dressed up as a zombie and my girlfriend Jen was a unique type of Chinese ghost.


handcuffed but still dangerous

Halloween isn’t well known by all the locals so before we got to the party district we had some pretty fun interactions. A lot of people looked genuinely scared by our presence. I like to keep in character as often as possible and I think a few people thought I had real blood on myself perhaps from an accident or something.

The funniest moment is when I hailed a cab. It stopped to let us in but once the driver got a good look at us his face changed to shock and he sped off quickly!! It was really funny.

Down at bar street we saw tons of people wearing tons of awesome costumes and got a few pictures of them. People were really impressed by my zombie costume, most likely because I spent about an hour making the blood look very realistic.

In the zombie spirit I made my first drink of the night a bloody mary and later made a zombie help poster:

zombies need help too

anyway I love Halloween since it’s always a blast. What’s more fun than dressing up as something crazy and partying to your hearts content with a bunch of other happy people in their own costumes!?

At the end of the night we stumbled into a book bar where they were having an ‘interactive’ screening of the Rocky Horror Picture show. It was interactive in the sense that we had to sing and dance along with the movie, and when it rained in the movie they shot us with water ect. It was the first time either of us had seen that super bizarre movie so watching it in an interactive style with a bunch of hardcore fans was a really weird but fun experience!

Anyway check out the slideshow for all the pictures, and to see some other cool costumes we ran into.


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