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Nov '10

New eBook Coming Soon

The reason I haven’t posted so much recently is because I’m working on my new ebook titled:

How to Break Out of your Shell

This book is about overcoming shyness, conquering your fears, building confidence and transforming your life in general.

So far there is going to be 16 chapters covering everything from overcoming social anxiety to improving your social skills to removing limiting beliefs and much much more. I intend for this book to be a complete resource for anyone that wants to move from being a shy, reserved, quiet person to a confident, outgoing, social one. This means that it wont be deemed completed until I’m confident it will be the only book readers need to get this area of their life handled.

I feel qualified to write this kind of book because everything I mention comes from my own personal experience and all the things I learned when I went through my own process of overcoming shyness and becoming a more outgoing social person. Since I went through the process myself, I know what I’m teaching works, and I can help cut down the time and effort needed by focusing all the things I learned from countless sources into one complete book.

The things I teach in this book are what is responsible for me literally changing my entire life. After applying the same information I teach in this book, my social life improved, my relationships went from non-existent to fulfilling, it even gave me the courage to quit my job and pursue my dream of travelling and living in another country. I’m excited to share all the things that helped me make this change and hopefully help change the lives of a few others too.

The book is around 75% complete now, so stay tuned for the coming release.

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