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Nov '10

The Power of Dreamers

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Imagine ~ John Lennon

A lot are said about dreamers in our time.

Often they are ridiculed.

They are thought of as, hopers, wishers, who are simply full of childlike thinking.

Dreamers are told to get real.

They often hear statements like: “That’s just not how the world works.”

“Come back to earth.”

“Stop living in a fantasy.”

If people talk about changing the world, or believing in the goodness of humanity and so on, the so called “wiser” and “more experienced ones” out there will chuckle at the dreamers naivety.

My thoughts are a little different.

My Thoughts

I think dreamers are great people.

I think all good inventions started as silly dreams.

In fact I think you must be a dreamer to accomplish anything worthwhile in your time.

Thomas Edison once dreamed of an invention that could light up every house in America without using fire and the light bulb was born.

Guglielmo Marconi once dreamed of a device that could send information across the world without wires and the radio came to be.

Henry Ford dreamed of putting an automobile in every driveway of America.

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela dreamed of a world without discrimination based on race.

How many of these people faced discrimination for their dreams before they became a reality? How many were thought to be crazy and unrealistic? How many proved to be naive? How many needed to come back to earth? How many would have been better off if they got real?

Dreamers Shape the World

Dreamers are the people who make things happen. There’s the inventors, the activists, the leaders. They show us the power a single human being has to affect the whole world. They teach us not to give up.

Those who scoff at dreamers are merely those who don’t understand that dreams are absolutely necessary, because every great thing in history began as nothing more than a dream. They don’t understand the power individual people have in this life. They don’t understand we have to become the change we want to see in the world. They don’t understand if you only focus on what ‘is’ you’ll never be able to bring about something new.

Go ahead a dream with your lives, dream wild and big. So much is possible in our lives, and so much potential is wasted by those who fail to dream. Take immediate action on your dreams. Even if their realization is currently too far away to achieve, you can still do something small.

I myself am currently dreaming of 2 ways to change the entire world. One is a secret project with my friend, and the other is through the Zeitgeist movement. Both are a too hard for me to realize alone at the moment, but I’m still taking action for them, and dreams backed by action can create real results over time.

If you’re not dreaming then all you’re doing is stagnating. You’ve accepted the world and life the way it is, and feel it’s either unnecessary or impossible to change. My thoughts are however… if you’re not willing to become the change you want to see in the world…. At least a little bit… At the very least by dreaming about something better… then you have no right to feel bad about or complain about things.

When you notice true statistics such as 4000 people die every hour due to starvation, which is 100,000 per day, and 36 million per year. If you’re not at least dreaming that this problem can be solved you have no right to feel bad about it.

We Need Dreamers

We need dreamers now more than any other time in the history of our planet, because we face bigger issues and larger problems than any other time before.

We need people to believe we can change the world and if they aren’t willing to think of how, at least join in a group that is working on it to show support.

Sure our own lives are busy and we have our own problems, but this is the future of all humanity we are talking about… its importance can’t be overstated. You also don’t need to dedicate hours of your time to a cause, simply showing your support, and spending a few minutes here and there raising awareness can do wonders. On top of that, even the simplest ideas can carry great momentum and inspire countless others… simple ideas such as a free hug.

I think we need to stop worrying about our little problems, we need to stop worrying about the latest celebrity gossip, we need to stop worrying if we have the latest iPhone or Gucci bag, and instead we need to start dreaming. Our world is falling apart. Our financial systems are crumbling. Our environment is being destroyed. Our people are suffering on immeasurable scales. We’re still killing each other through wars. We need to stop this! We need to start dreaming. Everyone of us, because as one, we can change all this. Countless dreamers of the past have shown us the power dreams have to change the world, Now it’s up to us.

Start dreaming people, we need you.

“I hope someday you will join us, and the world can live as one.”

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