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Jan '11

Terracota Warriors and Hua Shan Mountain in Xi’an China

A few days after new years my girlfriend and I took a trip to Xi’an China.
Xi’an is one of the must see places in China and is the home of the famous Terracotta army.

People say if you want to experience China’s culture in the past 100 years visit Shanghai, if you want to experience it in the past 500 years visit Beijing, and if you want to experience the past 2000 years go to Xi’an.

The Terracotta warriors were quite an amazing sight to behold and it was really cool to learn they had only been discovered in 1974 . It is estimated that there are over 8,000 soldiers in the pits with many still undiscovered. The fact that no two soldiers were alike really made me appreciate the amount of work and detail that went into each soldier, and the massive amount of effort it must have took to create them way back in 210BC.

Besides the Terracotta warriors, we also visted the famous Big Goose(swan) tower. This tower was featured in the popular Chinese story “Journey to the West.” This legend is based off a true story of a monk who embarked on a journey to India and brought back many amazing books as a gift to the king. China at the time did not have a lot of contact with other countries and cultures so the books were seen to be extremely valuable and knowledgeable. The king was so happy that the monk went on such a difficult journey to bring him these books that besides financial rewards he built a tower in his honor to hold the books and to give the monk a place to live.

Last on our journey was one of the biggest and most amazing mountains in all of China, Hua Shan mountain.

This mountain is massive and has 5 incredible peaks. We only had time to climb to the lower of the 5 peaks, but it still took us over 4.5 hours of fast paced climbing to reach it.

It was really special to visit this mountain in the winter as we were practically alone for the entire climb (except for a bunch of cats that strangely joined us throughout the journey) and also the beautiful snow on the mountains and tree combined with the absolutely silence of the cold mountain gave everything a really surreal feel.

Xi’an was a great place to visit, and has so far been the city with the richest history I have ever seen during my travels. We took a lot of great pictures so check them out in the slideshow below.

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