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Feb '11

The 20RMB River of Xingping Yangshuo

Recently I had the chance to explore the famous Li River of XingPing in YangShuo, Guilin. This river is famous for its beauty and because a section of it was chosen to be featured on the back of China’s 20RMB bill.

20 Yuan RMB

The town of Xingping is incredibly small and ancient looking with stone streets and narrow pathways.

I love the feel of these old towns

We travelled on a rainy day that brought a surreal mist over the mountains making them seem as if they were from a scene in a dream.

The harbor

At times it seemed as if the mountains stretched to the heavens.

avatar anyone?

To travel the river we decided to take a small person bamboo raft rather than one of the bigger boats to have a more peaceful and secluded feel on the misty day.

Our driver was friendly

The ride down the river was incredibly beautiful, and the weather added to the mysterious atmosphere of the lake kept me in a feeling of awe at my surroundings.


Eventually we travelled to a small island where we had a snack of battered fish and tea and took a look at another well known landmark known as the 9 horse mountain. A mountain in which apparently only the wises and most powerful of men are able to see all 9 horses. Due to the fog of the day Jen and I were only able to make our 3 or 4 of them.

9 horse mountain

On our way back down the river we stopped at the famous 20 RMB spot, but to our disappointment we noticed that the actual spot on the river the shot was taken the water levels were too low and there was land there instead. We climbed onto the nearby land to get as close of angle as we could but with the addition of the fog we weren’t able to capture the same shot.

not quite whats on the bill

Check out the rest of the pictures in the slideshow below~

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