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Mar '11

Life on the Beautiful Island of Hainan

I must admit I’ve been neglecting my blog a little bit recently for a few reasons.

Firstly because I’m working on starting 2 businesses, which I’ll talk more about as they progress, and secondly because I’m having too much fun at the beach in my beautiful new home in Sanya!

Me and my pink hat

Yes, Jen and I have moved from our hometown in Beijing to the amazing subtropical island of Hainan, where we live in the beautiful city of Sanya (the southern-most part of China). Here we sip coconuts, lay under palm trees and enjoy the wonderful weather next to the long beautiful beaches the city has to offer.

Unlike my first home in China which was really small, but clean in Shunde, then my second home which was really small and full of cockroaches in Aojiang and my third home which was just really small in Beijing, I have finally moved to a really awesome and big apartment here in Sanya. For the first time since I arrived in China I feel completely happy and comfortable in my home. It’s spacious, beautiful, only $230 per month, and only 500 meters from the seashore.

Ever since my trip to Thailand I’ve had a big love for beaches and it’s so nice to have one so close to home here in Sanya. Just the ability to go for a run and a quick swim in the morning, or relax under the stars with the sound of the waves at night has been such a wonderful addition to my life I have a hard time imagining going without it again.

Even though I’m working harder than ever on my 2 new businesses I feel more appreciation than ever for where I am and the environment around me.

Coconuts are now officially my favorite drink

I’m still planning to return home in June, but its going to be very hard to leave my new home of Sanya behind.

Here’s a slideshow of a selection of pictures from around the city.

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