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Jun '11

The Launch of T-Shirt Design World

I have to apologize for the lack of updates to this blog, but for the last couples of months I have been working diligently on creating my new business!, and when I say diligently I really mean diligently!.. and have been putting in about an average of 10-12 hour work days nearly every day.

All the work however has produced a result that I am rather proud of, so I am excited to share (drum roll please)

T-Shirt Design World . com

T-Shirt Design World is a t-shirt website with a unique angle. It’s about bringing together only the highest quality designs, made by artists who come from many different countries from around the world, with really affordable prices.

Right now at the time of launch all of our tees are $7-$10 and we already have 11 designers from 6 different countries!

The cool thing about having different designers from different countries is that you get a lot of different styles. Already T-Shirt Design World has cute silly tees, funny creative shirts, colorful bright t-shirts, cool stylish designs, and more.


How it works for our designers is that we pay them 40% of the profit for each shirt of theirs that we sell. When a designer is interested in joining we have him send us at least 5 samples of his work. If our T-Shirt judges approve at least 5 of them then we create a store page for them, with cool banners showing their style, and make their tees available for sale.

Check out our Design 4 Us page to learn more.

The Future

As with all new companies we expect the beginning of our store to start slow, but we hope to see continuous growth into the future. We have tons and tons of plans for how to make the store better and we will be working constantly to see it expand.

We hope to get designers from most countries of the world, and become the authority when it comes to finding interesting tees made from the people of the earth.

I personally also have a future vision for the website that is unfortunately too early to act out… and that is to have the website, once it is more successful, act as a sort of service to humanity. My future plans involve donating a percentage of all money made to help set up ‘sustainable future’ projects in the individual countries that the designers of the shirt come from.

This can be something as simple as, for example: 20% of all profit from t-shirt stores represented by Indonesian designers will go to a project of installing a windmill to help power an Indonesian orphanage.

While this example is a small one, it is a realistic one… and while the energy generated by a single windmill will not make much of a difference, the point is to raise awareness of the worlds needs to move towards implementing renewable, sustainable technologies.


Check us out!

Anyway, enough talk! I’ll go ahead and post a slideshow showing different collages created using some designs from each artist.

or you can simply view the main website here

and if your a facebook junkie, View and ‘like’ our facebook page here!

here’s the slideshow:

take care!

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