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Jun '11

The Guilin Rice Terraces

Recently I’ve had the absolute privilege of checking out one of the most amazing places I have ever been in the world.

The Guilin Rice Terraces.

Rice Terraces

The Guilin Rice Terraces

My girlfriend Jen’s mom decided to take us on an awesome trip to see the terraces in a small town that was about an hours drive from Guilin.

After driving on a windy mountain road for a long time we reached the base of the village where we were approached by a bunch of girls with turbins and huge baskets on their backs.

Long hair ladies

The baskets on their backs are used to carry heavy things up the mountains

Upon closer inspection however I noticed they weren’t wearing turbins, but instead had incredibly long hair! In this village the tradition is that the longer a woman’s hair, the more beautiful and worthy she is for marriage.

Long Hair

Brushing her hair our of the window

Long Hair 2

2 of the older village girls showing off their hair with us

Next we did the long hike into the village which was tiring with all of our heavy bags. When we reached the top however, to the little guest house on the mountain that we would be staying in, we were all blown away by the absolute beauty!

beautiful rice terraces

The view!

These terraces are used for growing rice, and have this distinct shape to make them efficient for watering (and also to allow the rice to be planted in such a remote location) each level of the terrace is flooded with water which trickles down to the layer below and to the layer below giving all of the rice on the mountain an even level of water. You can see a guy working on the field here:

on the rice fields

Working hard on the rice fields

The entire experience was really nice. It was great to simply be secluded from the city, surrounded by mountains in all direction. Even just breathing the fresh air was incredibly refreshing to my system after spending so much time locked to my computer working on T-Shirt Design World.

The people of the village were very friendly and took wonderful care of us. The entire trip and guest house room was also incredibly cheap, as a single night was only 80rmb ($12.30). The food was wonderful, they had some really unique and delicious rice wine, and simply standing on the balcony and looking out at the marvel the rice terraces were, which must have been crafted into the mountains over generations… was truly phenomenal.

After visiting these rice fields, I officially declare Guilin my favorite travel destination in China. Not only does Guilin have these rice fields, they also have the amazing mountains and rivers of Yangshuo, Stunning caves, waterfalls, white water rafting, and so much more to see and do. It really is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth.

In my usual fashion I’ll leave you all with a slide show!

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