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Devin Licastro

I’m Devin Licastro, welcome to my website dedicated to growing as a person through travel.

My interest in travel began while I was sitting at work one day. It a little while after I had graduated college in a course on video game design, and I was working in Toronto as a video game tester. I had been doing the job for about 1.5 years and through the learning I was doing on the side in personal development I was slowly realizing despite how awesome it was to have a job as a video game tester, being confined to an office environment everyday would slowly take its toll on me. I knew I was still young and I had a burning urge to experience more of the world before working my life away.

I still remember the day at the office when I was surfing Facebook (don’t tell my boss) and I stumbled on an ad for a website offering 40 day trips to Thailand. I didn’t know anything about Thailand at the time but the images on the website totally blew my mind. I saw the most beautiful beaches, elephant rides, bungee jumping, cave exploring, games of Frisbee, crazy parties, amazing viewpoints, killer longboats, floating bungalows and a really interesting culture. The trips were also organized so you would spend 40 days with 20 people your own age, half boys and half girls, for the ultimate friendship and party experience. I called my friend over to show him how awesome the trip was. A certain image I saw on the website seemed to summarize what I would experience on the trip, it was a picture of a 20 person groups with the biggest smiles I had ever seen, captured frozen jumping in mid air on an breathtaking beach.

My friend commented on how awesome it would be to take a trip like that one day. I’m not sure exactly what made me do it but I looked at him and said… 6 months from now… in January… no matter what happens… even if I have to permanently quit my job… I’m going on this trip. I’m not sure if my friend believed me or not, he just gave me a curious smile and went back to his desk… But I held myself to what I said and a few months later the trip was booked and in January I quit my job to embark on a vacation of a lifetime.

The 40 day vacation in Thailand definitely changed me. It turned out to be everything I had hoped for and was by far the most amazing time of my life. I learned a ton, and experienced even more. I even got a tattoo on my leg in Thai writing because I wanted something permanent to remind me of the trip forever. You don’t completely realize how much a trip has changed you until you return home. I had seen a new way of life, a new way of doing things. The Thai people lived so differently than us back home, and the foreigners I met that were living and working in Thailand seemed so happy with their choice. Back home for the next couple months I had travel withdrawals, I was actually a little depressed for a while. I listening to music from the trip, put up my hammock in my basement, starting learning the acoustic guitar, and looked at my pictures almost every day. I wanted to be back there, to be travelling again more than anything.

I had the travel bug, and a few months later after getting everything sorted out, I embarked on a journey to China to live and teach English. Thats where I am currently, working and travelling on and off here in southern China. My time here has been interesting to say the least, and I am again experience and learning so much more than ever back home. Some days are thrilling, some are mind expanding, some are difficult, some are just plain fun… but every week is an adventure and I’m very happy I came to experience this country.

I’m not entirely sure where my future will take me, I don’t think I could ever return to a typical 9-5 office job… All I know is, whatever my future has in store it will include travelling. As I said I want to travel for a living and I’ll do my best to make that a reality. There’s so many places I want to see in the world, and currently it looks as if Japan will be my next destination when I am finished in China.

I hope you enjoy following my travels through this site, and I hope the experiences and personal development lessons I share along the way will be valuable to you.

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Wishing you awesome travels~

-Devin Licastro

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